Amazing Lord of the Rings Cakes

To whet my appetite while I wait for the release of the much anticipated “The Hobbit” movie, here are some truly beautiful, inspiring, adorable and sometimes frightening,  Lord of the Rings Cakes.

By Hajnalka
King Elessar- Aragorn from Lord of the Ring.he made from Fondant+ Tylose. I didn't use styro foam only support dowels. Hand painted with food color.

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I too am waiting not so patiently for The Hobbit. In the meantime, I surf for blogs and PJ's video releases, reread the book, watch LofR again and design my own Hobbit cake. Just not sure when the cake will become reality as I'm the only Hobbit enthusiast around here!! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see new Hobbit cakes arrive!!!