A Message from Kerry Vincent

cake central magazine cover preview - march 2010

Dear All at Cake Central:

I have good news on this day, Australia Day, in fact I have had a bit of a grin on my face all day.
So many good things happening, I hardly know which order to put them in.
Indeed I have had a very fortunate life.

I am very grateful to be the cover girl of the inaugural issue for Cake Central magazine; add to that things to share about being a competitor on reality TV. Rather nice at my age to be a ‘cover girl’ don’t you think? Readers have many questions about where I came from and where I have been. I think they will be more than happy to find a glimpse of my personal story.

This is not the only news that is breaking in my life, there is more and it follows.


<<January 25, 2010 I am delighted to announce that your cake will be included in BRIDES March 2010 issue celebrating America’s Most Beautiful Cakes. Thank you for creating an exceptional cake for our annual showcase of America’s best sugar artists. Your technique is truly beautiful and will be an inspiration to readers. The issue goes on sale February 9. Congratulations, it’s a pleasure to feature your design. Sincerely, Maria McBride Wedding Style Director.>>


MATTHEW STEVENS, Editor, Dessert Professional announces that:

<<The April issue of Dessert Professional will feature our selections of the inaugural Top Ten Cake Artists in America; awarded to cake professionals whose dedication to their craft has ensured that the cake continues to be our premier celebratory dessert. From the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, to the Food Network, and innovative sugar techniques Kerry Vincent has promoted (and demanded) fine cake artistry long before the cake became a TV star.

After initially listing Kerry as one of the sure Top Ten selections, I realized that the breadth of her contributions placed her in a different category than the very talented cake artists on the Top Ten list.

So, as one who embodies the spirit of the award, I have invited Kerry to become Dessert Professional’s first Cake Artist Hall of Fame inductee. There is no candidate more deserving of being the inaugural inductee.>>

This is my second Hall of Fame Award.

++ ANOTHER BIG STORY for American Culinary Federation members will appear in the National Culinary Review, February issue out soon.

Best wishes,