Seriously Spooky Halloween Cakes

Zombies, Skulls and Ghosts! Oh My!

Enjoy these seriously spooky Halloween cakes!

2011 It cake

By sliceofheaven1
That movie It has always stuck with me. I have read many Stephen King novels and this one has always lingered in my mind with fear. I however did get a little desencitized to him because of staring at many pictures of him at all angles. I tried a new technique for me and that was the spun sugar for his hair (I used a homemade cotton candy recipe for if you don’t have a machine). He is all edible.

Off With His Head!

Off With His Head! By ginger-75833
Vanilla pound cake formed in the Wilton Skull pan, layered w/ bc icing, fondant and modeling chocolate, hand scuplted, isomalt hand rolled eyeballs, airbrushed. Modeling chocolate hand sculpted hand, piping gel w/ red gel color for blood.

Dead Man's Farm Cake

Dead Man’s Farm Cake By ohnoono
This cake was inspired by a haunted house in Lenior City, TN called Dead Man’s Farm. It is ALL edible…down to the evidence tag! :) Now who’s hungry? hahaha!

Monster coming out of the ground!

Monster coming out of the ground! By pbjoachim
This is chocolate cake with ganache. I made a small stand to support to head. The head is 4 layers of cake and the body is 3 layers. I painted the outside with gel food coloring and the blood is gel food coloring as well… The cake was about 80 servings.


Ghost By juliejalapeno
This cake was based on a t-shirt. It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, covered in fondant with different layers of painted fondant details.

Zombie Head

Zombie Head By ellepal
This is one of my husband’s creations….he used to get into amateur monster making and mask making as a teenager, and now has taken out his old hobby on cake decorating. It was going to be for an appearance on a radio show on Halloween, but we had to cancel last minute because I got placed on bedrest. At least he had fun making it!

Freddy Krueger From Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Krueger From Nightmare On Elm Street By sugarfancy
The head was sculpted out of rice krispies and covered in fondant, the rest is cake. The hat, worms and spider were store bought.

Severed Fingers

Severed Fingers By charmed
Edible severed fingers

head coming out of pool of blood

head coming out of pool of blood By kimaeck
For adult Halloween party the theme being Dante’s inferno. They wanted a head coming out of a pool of blood. Was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Head was sculpted cake covered in fondant.


Skull By pattyasken
Sculpted red velvet cake with buttercream, covered in candy clay, painted with brown icing color, brushed with luster dust

Zombie Cake

Zombie Cake By tchitwood
I made this cake for a very good friend’s October birthday, who is a huge horror and comic fan. This was made custom to look like him. It was a surprise for him and he absolutely loved it.The tombstone is red velvet cake covered in fondant. The zombie is red velvet cake covered in fondant. The fingers are all fondant and the grass/ground is fondant. The dirt is made from chocolate sandwich cookies (minus their cream layer) and ginger snaps ground up in the food processor. It was hand painted with gel food colorings mixed like watercolors.

Zombie cake

Zombie cake By mamacc
This cake has an internal pvc support. The body is about 7 layers of cake, and the head is rice krispie treats.


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