Cake Decorator Yogurt

Tina Wei

Concept Artist

Los Angeles US


About Yogurt

Hi guys, I'm a concept artist in the entertainment field (including game, animation, movies and theme parks design) I started baking+making fondant cakes every since I had my daughter. At first, I just wanted to make her cakes for fun. I learned all the tips and skills from nice people in the store, or mainly youtube and Google! And then I realized how fun it is! I design my cakes using the same kind of design process I do when I design for theme-parks( both characters and environment) I wish you would enjoy them (without tasting them XD ) And thanks for viewing my page <3

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  • One Piece Chopper & Laboon Dental Cake This cake was requested by a wife who wants to surprise her Dentist husband for his birthday. She didn't quite know what it is that...
  • League Of Legend Cupcakes Made these as a gift for my husband's father's day gift.And also for those who love LOL &lt;3 Cheers~
  • Beauty And The Beast Themed Pillow Cake I've never done a pillow cake before. It was an exciting and fun experience for me. So I started off with a sketch digitally, done...
  • Snow White Themed Automated Carousel Cake I designed this cake for my daughter's 2 years old birthday. First I started off by drawing a concept of the cake in photoshop, my...

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