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  • Purple Loops Wedding Cake
  • Man Utd Vs Chelsea Football Cake
  • Clownfish I did two of these as they were ordered as thank you cakes! I'm sure there was an interesting story behind them...
  • Gucci Bag Yummy chocolate cake disguised as a Gucci bag! The 'G's were handpainted. Cake was carved from a 12" x 10" cake.
  • Lilac Floral Cake
  • Waybuloo Cake
  • Prince Love Symbol Made for a customer who is a big fan! Cake was carved from an 8" round and a 10" x 12" pan. Gold details were handpainted.
  • Chocolate Birthday Wish This was a chocolate mud cake with rich chocolate buttercream and covered in chocolate fondant. I really didn't want to give it to the...
  • Oriental Dragon I ran out of time with this cake as I underestimated how long it would take me to cover the body in the scales and didn't have quite...
  • Piglet I copied this from another photo on here, it was alot easier than making a sitting Piglet!
  • Ben 10 This was my first Ben 10 cake. I've seen a few photos with Ben 10 on the cover that I thought were really good, so I thought I'd...
  • Bustier Cake This was my OH's birthday cake. I made it from a 12" heart tin and the wilton soccer ball tin and carved the sides of the heart...
  • Eeyore I made this cake for niece as she loves Eeyore. I've seen this design on the internet on several different sites and couldn't...