Wafer Paper Ruffle Valentine Cookie Tutorial

Pre-printed wafer paper ruffles make these whimsical Valentine cookies fast and easy to make. Experienced and beginner cookie decorators alike will love making these fun cookies. Paper Potion is the magic ingredient for making flowing ruffles without breaking and tearing. Learn how Premium Wafer Paper and Paper Potion are a magical combination with endless possibilities. What can you put wafer paper ruffles on?

Icing Images® design and sell (and graciously provided to us) the premium wafer paper products used in this tutorial.

wafer paper ruffle valentine cookies


Bake and cool cookies following recipe instructions. Roll fondant 1/8-inch thick and cutout shapes using the same cutter as the cookie.

Paint back of cut-out fondant with clear alcohol and stick onto cookie. If desired, texture or crimp fondant on the cookies.

Ruffle Heart Cookie

Cut sheets of printed wafer paper into strips, approximately1-inch wide. Spray with Paper Potion on both sides.

Brush fondant covered cookie with paper potion or clear alcohol to make it sticky. Pinch wafer paper strips into pleats and stick onto cookie, creating a ruffle around the perimeter of the cookie. Layer a second ruffle in a coordinated print.

Use melted chocolate or royal icing to attach a smaller fondant covered heart cookie in the center of the ruffles.

Wrap in treat bag with decorative ribbon.

ruffle cupcake cookies

Using a non-toxic graphite pencil, trace the cupcake liner shape on the unprinted side of the wafer paper. Cut out with scissors.

Fold the cupcake liner shape like an accordion, only applying enough pressure to crease the paper, not crack it.

Gently unfold wafer paper, brush Paper Potion on the backside four corners.

Lightly press four corners onto the cookie, maintaining the accordion folds for three dimensional look.

Cut wafer paper into strips, approximately 3/4-inch wide. Cut a wavy edge or use pinking shears if desired. Spray both sides with Paper Potion.

Fold and pinch into plead ruffles.

Brush fondant with Paper Potion or clear alcohol. Lay ruffle on cookie in a semi circle to mimic a frosting swirl. Press down to adhere to fondant.

Repeat with a second and third layer of ruffles in coordinating patterns.

Adorn as desired with sprinkles, sparkling sugar, or luster dust. I sculpted a little heart shaped fondant cherry for the top.

Wrap in treat bag with a ribbon.

Woven wafer heart cookie

Cut wafer paper into 1/4-inch wide strips. Weave together on flat surface, large enough to cover entire cookie.

Brush or spray fondant covered cookie with Paper Potion and place upside down over weave. Pick cookie up gently and trim excess with scissors.

Cutout wafer paper heart, brush fondant covered cookie with Paper Potion and gently smooth wafer paper over cookie to attach. Attach smaller cookie to larger cookie with melted chocolate or royal icing.

Paint or stamp a message on a 3/4-inch wide strip of wafer paper. Gently fold into a banner shape. Using caution to crease the paper without cracking.

Trim banner ends to form decorative edge.

Lightly brush Paper Potion on banner corners and attach to cookie. Wrap in treat bag with ribbon.

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Why would you sent this to me on Valentine's Day?? Would have loved to make these but now there's not enough time. Maybe next year :(


Ahhh, but if you notice, Icing Images has a bunch of Premium Wafer Paper Collections that you can use for any occasion!  Same skills, same great product, but different holidays!  There are birthday ones, flowers (for mothers day), Boys to Men (for Father's Day), Easter! Vintage, Wild Side, Oh so colorful and many more!  


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