Shannon Bond's Embossed Wedding Cake Tutorial


To re-create the effect on the extended tier of my Cake Central Icing Images® cake, you
will need:

Sweet Accents™ Machine
Icing Images Premium Icing Sheets™
Sweet Accents Garden Lattice Embossing folder
Gold luster dust
Small paintbrush
4mm white pearls
Royal icing or piping gel

The Sweet Accents Cake Decorating Machine is incredibly easy to use. To emboss the Premium Icing Sheet, simply place it into the Sweet Accents food safe embossing folder with the backing on the sheet, fold closed, layer it between the boards as described on the machine and crank through the machine.

Remove the Premium Icing Sheet from the embossing folder and place on a flat surface
Mix the luster dust and vodka in a small cup.


Choose a design to paint onto the embossed sheet, taking care to wipe excess liquid from the brush so it won’t dissolve the icing sheet
The alcohol evaporates very quickly, by the time I whipped up a batch of royal icing, the painted icing sheets were completely dry and ready to be transferred onto the cake.

Brush a little piping gel onto the fondant covered cake. Peel off the backing from the icing sheet and gently press the icing sheet onto the cake, smoothing it all the way down with your fingertips to make sure no air bubbles are trapped in between the cake and icing sheet.

Pipe a tiny dot of royal icing or piping gel onto the icing sheet and attach the pearls

Attach the pearls to the royal icing dot – holding them in place until they are set.
Anyone at any skill level can have fun making their own patterns and designs with these versatile Sweet Accents embossing patterns! Have fun!

Also see my Billowed Fondant Tutorial to complete the cake!


Comments (4)


Very clever!! Congratulations on your machine. I wonder what other things would you be able to create with it. Question: So when you cut the cake, you cut the sheet too?

Best, Ana


Thank you Ana! For this design, I would remove the sheet before cutting. Since this is an extended tier, it would be difficult to disassemble the cake if it is left in place!