Upside-down Cake Tutorial

Learn to make this upside-down wedding cake.

Video By Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

• 3 round cakes- 6", 9", 10"
• teal, pink, purple,white buttercream
• "happy birthday" candles
• wooden dowels

1. Prepare 6″, 9″ and 10″ cakes.
2. Place four rods into the 6″ cake in the shape of a triangle, about 3″-4″ apart.
3. Mark the rods with an edible pen, or score with a knife, just below the top of the cake. Trim the rods using a knife, saw or sharp shears to the trim line.
4. Reinsert the rods into the previous holes, and ensure that they are flush with the top of the cake. If they are not, re-trim them.
5. Place the 9″ cake on top of the 6" layer.
6. Place four rods into the 9″ cake in the shape of a triangle, about 3″-4″ apart. Make sure that the rods will go into the 6″ cake.
7. Repeat trimming process of the rods and insert them back into the holes that go through the 9″ and 6″ cakes.
8. Place the 10″ on top of the 9" layer.
9. Trim one rod to fit below the surface of the top of the cake, and press down into the cake through all three layers of cakes. This will prevent the cake from moving.
10. Using a small amount of buttercream, patch the hole at the top of the cake and spread smooth.
11. Using teal, purple and pink buttercream, pipe rosettes to cover the bottom and top tiers.
12. Using the white buttercream fitted with a #12 round tip, pipe a ball border to each of the layer where they meet.
13. Place Happy Birthday candles into the cake backwards.

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Wow that's crazy, like Jenn123 I don't know that I'd want to travel with it anywhere either. When I do my upside down cakes I use my cake stackers system for sure.