Ice Cream Cone Trees (Great for Christmas Cakes!)

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees! Celebrate with Christmas Trees! As the holiday draws near spruce up your cakes and gingerbread houses with these festive trees.

Getting Ready

Insert a coupler base in your Featherweight bag and lock tip 352 onto it with your coupler ring.

Fill bag half full with medium consistency Royal Icing for practice.
Also works well with buttercream icing if your decorate directly onto the cone.

Tip: specialty tips 233 and 352
Icing: medium consistency royal icing
- Bag: 90° angle at 6:00
- Tips: slightly above the surfaceSequence:
1. Cover tree former with wax paper. **optional for extra support just pipe the icing directly onto the cone
2. ****With royal icing and tip 352 pipe a line of icing around base of cone.
3. Pipe tip 352 leaf petals.
4. Randomly add tip 233 pine needles.
5. Continue to pipe leaves and pine needles. Wrap wax paper around tree former and secure with tape.Tuck excess wax paper under opening of cone. Hold cone in your left (right) hand. As you pipe the rows of petals turn the cone out to the ends of your fingers the same way you would turn your flower nails. Using royal icing and tip 352 pipe a line of icing around base of cone.

Now pipe a row of 352 leaves around base turning the former as you work.

Continue to pipe 352 leaves, randomly adding 233 pine needles until you reach the top.

Let dry-when dry, remove cone and push excess wax paper up inside hollow tree. * You only need to do this if you chose to use royal icing and not keep the cone for support

****NOTEOptionally you can use an open star tip to get a different looking tree.
I used tip 18 for these trees, however if you are doing a really large tree you can use a larger tip, such as tip 21

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