Quilted Pattern Pumpkin Cookies Tutorial

Video By Elisa Garcia

Hey everyone, here are some quilted patchwork cookies! These will be perfect for the fall season & great to make for Thanksgiving or to give out as gifts to friends, teachers, coworkers & family of course! You can change the pattern design as well as the colors if you like..I have another patchwork style cookie & that video should already be loaded if you're interested in maybe making both styles of cookies?! Alright guys, hope you like how they turned out & thanks for watching!!

Here is the link to the stitched pumpkin cookie video..

Here is a link to some pumpkin cookie cutters on Ebay..


Here is my Royal Icing recipe video..

Here is my cookie dough recipe video..

The Wilton leaf icing decorations were only sold at Walmart for a short period of time during the fall season!!


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