Crocodile Cake Board Tutorial

Cake boards serve their purpose as a sturdy base to build your cake on, but thinking of them as a canvas to decorate and extend your design beyond the sides of the cake can take your cake art to the next level.

Lisa Mansour displays her fashion themed cakes on textured boards for added “wow factor.” Learn how she creates textured boards with her simple tutorial.

By Lisa Mansour





Cake drum

Crocodile Impression Mat


Paint brushes

Pearl dust

Piping gel

Pizza wheel

Rolling pin


1. Prepare top and sides of cake drum with a thin layer of piping gel.

2. Knead fondant until smooth and roll out large enough to cover the board.


3. Place impression mat on top of the fondant. With even pressure, gently roll over mat to

emboss fondant.


4. Peel impression mat off fondant.



5. Fold impressed fondant over rolling pin, lay fondant over prepared cake drum.


6. Lightly smooth with hands to remove air bubbles and smooth down sides.

7. Trim edges.


8. Apply pearl dust to enhance pattern.

Head Shot Lisa MansourAbout Lisa Mansour

Lisa Mansour is an award-winning expert in cake decoration, and is co-founder and co-owner of NY Cake & Baking Supply, located in New York City.

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