Hello Kitty Cookies

I remember when I was a little kid, I use to be obsessed with Sanrio stuff, but the characters that caught my eye more most the times would be: Keroppi, Pochacco, Chococat, Pekkle, Spottie Dottie, Badtz-Maru, Kiki & Lala, and of course, Hello Kitty herself.
We didn´t have a Sanrio Store nearby so every time we made the trip to the mall with the Sanrio store on it, I would go crazy, wanting to buy a ton of stuff: Pens, Pencils, notebooks, stickers, pencil boxes and a lot more stuff. My parents were so so SO nice to buy me most the stuff I wanted without saying anything. At that point I honestly did not care for the price of stuff, I just wanted that stuff.  
Now as an “adult” (or at least trying to be one haha) whenever I visit the Sanrio Store I realize: maaaaan! That is one expensive and pretty store that makes you want to buy stuff, doesn´t it! If you go to, say, Walmart and/or Office depot or other stuff, you can buy more stuff paying less, but, they don´t have that pretty design!! So, no, I wanted the ones with the pretty Sanrio designs on them.
The funny thing is that I still buy stuff with my Hello Kitty printed on them:
This one is super gross, and I want t clean it so bad, but I´m scared of ruining her beautiful face. Most of the brown nastyness is coffee spilled from my daily coffee cup, though.

This laptop case if my fav! I bought it at Office Depot last October. (Well not so much bough it as it was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, but I chose it).
This is what happens eeeverytime I want to photograph something:
[PS: This little boy wants to join as well. And he´s welcome! Thought I´d throw it in there, I think is adorable and makes me smile. Of course I always have to move stuff to another point or else he just wont move, haha. (He needs an appointment to the salon for a haircut and a bath, I know!)]
If I have kids someday, of course I want to buy them pretty and cute stuff like my parents got me when I was a kiddo. But until then, I´ll just keep on making stuff getting inspired with those cute characters.
Anyways, back to the cookies. A couple of months ago I visited a local baking supply store and I saw a Hello Kitty cookie cutter, followed by that I had a massive flashback of the things mentioned on top. I bought it so I could make cookies like this ones.
Things and stuff I used for this cookies:
- Cookies Dough. (here)
- White, red and yellow royal icing. (here)
- Hello Kitty Cookie Cutter (like this one), square cookie cutter and round cookie cutter. (Shapes are optional, actually)
-  Piece of wax paper/parchment paper)
- Ziploc bags. (you can use piping bags, piping tips, couples etc, but if you get “piping kit-clean-up-lazy” like me, and since what we need it for, we can have with the Ziploc bag, we are fine).
**NOTE: If you are going to add more fine details to the cookies, then use a pipping tip, or cut a little tinny hole to your Ziploc bag.
- Spoon.
- Black, yellow, pink, purple and green food markers. (Color depend of what design and flowers you are going for.)
- Toothpick, cocktail stick, BBQ stick, boo boo stick, etc.
Here is how I made them: 

First, make your cookie dough, cut out the shapes, bake according to your recipe, let cool. Meanwhile have your icing ready to go. Then:
My personal favorite is the square one, it reminds me of mail. When people use to send stuff, when everything was a bit more personal,and less technological. I do appreciate technology, otherwise I would be sitting here, typing this, but I miss those times. 
There was always something special about receiving a postal from a friend letting you know from what part of the world she/he was sending you that postal, or letting you know what was up. I think I am old-fashion. I prefer old-school, sounds better and makes me feel…not old but experienced!
Hope you try/like it!


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