4th of July Cookies

Happy 4th of July!
This is a really fast, easy and last minute really sweet idea to celebrate this day! I thought I´d share anyways since the week is not over yet.
Here are the 3 ideas I could think of:
Materials I used:
Red, white and blue icing. In a 15 second consistency. I use a Royal Mix for this small proyects.
Black food marker.
And a rectangular cookie cutter, of just do what I did, cut it using a knife.
Cookie dough. Here is the one I always use, only 4 ingredients.
Make your cookie dough, cut the shapes and bake according to instructions. Let cool.
While that´s happening, prepare your royal icing, and gather all food colors and piping bags together. (I use Ziploc bags).
And you are done! As mentioned in the video this are just ideas I wanted to share.
Give them a try, and if you do, don´t forget to send me images @cutesimplestuff!
Happy 4th of July,



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