How to Make a Gelatin and Royal Icing Butterfly

Here are instructions on how to create a royal icing and gelatin butterfly

List of Materials


Choose a butterfly pattern for tracing. You can hand draw one or print one from your computer. You can also do a google image search to come up with some other patterns to trace.


Here is another pattern Frisket Film. is really great stuff! you can find in any good art dept ! I use the low tack soft peel masking film , it peels rite off your pattern ! and can be washed and used over , its awesome stuff Put out a butterfly pattern and place it under the frisk film piped the outline with royal icing 2 times directly onto the frisket film. Make sure your royal icing is COMPLETELY DRY before going to the next step! Prepare your gelatin, and food coloring to gelatin according to you butterfly colors you want in the wings while gelatin is still runny.. flood the inside of your royal icing pattern with the gelatin , try not to over do it, you only want a very thin layer of gelating , If you accidentally mess up, you can not go over you gel, it will lift off,so keep moving onto the next one. You need to work fast when flooding the inside of the pattern as gelatin sets up rather quickly . You will most likely need  to re-warm your gelatin to compleate your work , more than once (just  a few seconds in the microwave should do the trick),

Wait several hours (depending on your climate, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for gelatin to completely dry) then gently peel back the frisk film to reveal your wings! good luck have fun , made a blue one , waiting for it to dry , it takes 24 hr's do to your royal melts if like me- u over flood , lol