How to Pipe a Petal Cake Design

Flowers provide endless inspiration for cakes, and this video shows you exactly how to pipe a petal cake design to create a beautiful blossom-inspired cake. This video offers tips and tricks for piping delicate petals that are just as pretty as they are delicious.

Video By Cake Style

Learn our incredible signature Petal Cake design in this easy to follow lesson. This is the most stunning flower cake you will ever make!

Materials -
• Crumb coated 8" round cake
• 1.5kg Buttercream - 1 part Sugarflair pink 1 part Wilton Creamy Peach (recipe here

• Spatula
• Scraper or ruler
• Piping bag
• Coupler (optional)
• No. 104 Piping tip

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I am so glad you're left handed! I to am left handed and have tried piping with my right hand (which turns out surprisingly well) but I feel more comfortable with my left. Watching another left hander makes it easy for me to see and grasp the concept. Thanks!