Pinktober Tufted Cookies

Learn how to create a chic tufted effect on a sugar cookie to promote Pinktober Awareness!


• Rose petal cutter, OP
• Foam pad
• Soft pink foam pad
• Fun foam
• Ball tool
• Ribbon cutter, Jem Strip 3 – 7mm
• Dresden tool, FMM
• Leaf tip, PME ST 50
• Artist brush
• Small embroidery scissors
• 1-parchment cone
• Paper towel
• 1-Sugar cookie recipe
• Royal icing
• Fondant
• Food paste
• Pink, SF
• Moss green
• Cooled boiled water

**Normally most decorating methods can be interchangeable with royal icing. The tufted billow weave must
be constructed a fondant covered cookie.

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