Sugar Cookie Stars with a Surprise Center

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Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to make this 4th of July dessert: sugar cookie stars with a surprise center! Family and friends of all ages will be astounded by the hidden surprise within these cookie decorating ideas. Add blue food coloring to one slab of your sugar cookie dough and keep the other slab its original color. Roll out both cookie dough pieces until they are slightly larger than a baking sheet, then place the white-colored dough directly on top of the blue-colored dough. Cut the dough into four even sections for this cut-out cookie recipe, then stack them all on top of each other, alternating colors as you do so. Keep stacking until the dough is tall and wide enough to encompass the entire star cut-out shape. With the stripes on the side, slice the dough thinly, then begin cutting out the stars. You’ll need three stars total to make one cookie, so make sure not to throw away the scraps that are still around after you cut out two stars. Instead, combine those together to form another multi-colored piece of dough. Cut out another star shape, but this time, use a smaller star cut-out, as well, to cut a smaller star in the center of that piece. Bake these 4th of July desserts for 10 to 12 minutes at 350 degrees. Once they are baked, you’re ready to start assembling this bursting cut-out sugar cookie recipe. Pipe blue icing onto the edges inside one of the star cookies, then place a cookie with the center cut out directly on top of it. Once all the tips are matching, begin adding the special touch. Sprinkle red sparkles into the cookie cavity you’ve created, taking care not to pour too much in, or the top cookie will not stay put. Add another layer of frosting to the edges within that cookie as well, and place the final cookie on top to securely seal up the cookie treasure within. Break open these decorated cookies to end your 4th of July food with a bang!

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It's a nice demonstration of pinwheel style cookies. However I'd put something else in the cavity than dry granulated sugar, like ganache or jam, as the sugar would go everywhere in the house when it's broken open.


Maybe something else inside, like just a few star confetti sprinkles, fruit filling or mini m&ms like Amy Ruth said :D

Sugar is a mess!