Maylene's Sparkling Bubbles Silicone Onlay™ Cake Tutorial



List of Materials:

Marvelous Molds Silicone Onlay™ – Sparkling Bubbles design
Tylose powder
Pasta machine
Rolling pin
Fondant smoother
Skewer or toothpick


Lightly dust Marvelous Molds Silicone Onlay with cornstarch.
Stiffen the yellow fondant with tylose powder (use enough fondant to cover the silicone onlay).
Roll out fondant to a setting of 5 on a manual pasta machine or setting of 2 on the Kitchen Aid Pasta attachment.

Cut fondant to size after running through pasta machine


Place fondant over silicone onlay and press with fingertips.
Roll the pin in light back and forth motion until green blades cut through fondant.
You may want to used the fondant smoother to press fondant on onlay before using rolling pin


Brush mixture of 3 parts corn syrup and 1 part water over fondant


Use skewer or toothpick to remove excess fondant


Place onlay on cake.
(For the bottom yellow design tier I placed it upside down. For top tier black design right side up)
Peel off the onlay from one side and keep pressure as you peel it making sure fondant is sticking to the cake


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