Elisabeth Palatiello's Playful Houndstooth & Ikat Silicone™ Onlay Cake Tutorial


My background in fashion design and my love for home interiors was the perfect springboard for creating this playfully patterned cake. The classic houndstooth and Ikat are timeless patterns that are just as comfortable in home décor as they are in fashion. After finding these two amazing chairs on Pinterest, I was inspired by the combination of pattern and texture and this modern take on classic design.



The inspirational patterns of the Silicone Onlays™ combined with their ease of use made this project a pleasure. I planned the color scheme based on my love of bold black and white graphics combined with a more whimsical, feminine palette…and who doesn’t love a touch of sparkle?

And the crowning touch? A sugar peony in full bloom…. Let’s get started.

Materials and Tools

Marvelous Molds Houndstooth Silicone Onlay™

Marvelous Molds Ikat Silicone Onlay™

Black Fondant

Medium Pink Fondant

Light Pink Fondant

Pale Yellow Fondant

Powdered Sugar

Tylose Powder

Gold Luster Dust

Rose Luster Dust


Small Rolling Pin

Paint Brushes

Disposable Mixing Cups

Veining Tool

Parchment Paper



3/4” Circle Cutter



Step 1: Roll a 1/16” thick piece of black fondant with tylose over a powder sugar dusted Marvelous Molds houndstooth only. Remove the borders and brush the entire piece with a 75% corn syrup /25% water mixture.


Step 2: Remove every other houndstooth using your veining tool.


Step 3: After gently stretching your onlay to loosen it, carefully apply it to your cake with even pressure. Carefully remove the onlay to reveal your houndstooth pattern!


Step 4: Continue you this process until you have the cake covered in the houndstooth.


Step 5: Dye your fondant in shades of medium pink, light pink and pale yellow. Add a bit of tylose for stability.


Step 6: Using your parchment paper, pencil and scissors, create a pattern as shown, masking off the above portion of the design.


Step 7: Using your parchment paper pattern, cut three yellow pieces of fondant. You will need to repeat this based on the size of your tier.


Step 8: Using the same technique from Step 1, apply your medium pink to the Ikat onlay.


Step 9: Remove the pink fondant from the onlay as shown using your veining tool.


Step 10: Add your pale yellow pieces to the onlay as shown and clean the edges.


Step 11: Remove both inner chambers of the yellow sections and the middle chamber from the pink sections leaving the center intact, as shown.


Step 12: Using your 3/4” circle cutter, cut 6 circles in light pink for each onlay. Position them over the empty center of the yellow sections.


Step 13: Roll and remove excess fondant as before, then paint carefully with your cornstarch/water mixture.


Step 14: Apply onlay to your cake as you did in step 3. Continue until your cake is done!

Step15 - Copy - Copy

Step 15: Make a mixture of your luster dust colors and alcohol to the thickness of whole milk.


Step 16: Paint your luster dust mixture to the pink and gold wavy portions only of your design, leaving the centers matte for contrast.


Step 17: Stack your cake, add your own personal flourish and pat yourself on the back. You did it!

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