How to Make a Two-Toned Bow

When I first saw a two-toned bow on a yellow tiered cake by Sweet Picasso Cake Creation (a.k.a. rava here on CC) I immediately set out to experiment on how to make one.  I first used it on a Tiffany Blue 21st Birthday cake and loved the dramatic look of it.  I then used it on a wedding cake for friends a few months later and have had many positive comments and feedback regarding those two designs.

Sam & Satoko's Wedding Cake - at venue - wm TVCS

I’ve been asked by many how I make my bows so I have put together this little tutorial to help explain since the old saying is true, “A picture speaks a thousand words!”  This is my preferred method for making a two-toned statement bow as seen on the cake above.  I have tried countless methods for making bows in general and a number of methods specifically for making two-toned bows and this is the one that works for me best.  Hope it is helpful for those that may be just starting out and want to learn how to make a standout bow.  Violet


My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - 2


My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - 3


My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - 4


My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - 5


My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - 6


My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - 7


My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - 8



My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - 9


My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - sneak peek

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Thankyou very much for this. It was very informative and I will give this a try and hope mine turns out as nice as yours.


Thanks everyone for your lovely compliments!

Cakeladybu & darinconfection: I have another tutorial for the flowers...but they are not on here yet. I might be able to get them up here as a tutorial in a week or so...currently it is available on my FB page under notes if you want to check FB page is under my profile info =D


You make this look so easy! Will definitely try this out, hope it comes out nearly as nice as yours! Thanks