Cherry Blossom Cake

Learn the art of edible hand painting on cakes and sugar cookies!


• 1/4 angle shader,Scharff
• #4 round brush, Scharff
• Palatte
• Foam plate
• Brush Basin
• Pasta machine
• Christmas rose cutter,TT
• Christmas rose veiner,SKGI
• Dresend tool. Fmm
• Celstick
• Celpad
• Jasmine cutter, Fmm for calyx
• Grove board,CC
• Cosmetic sponge
• 26 gauge wire
• 24 gauge wire
• 20 tauge wire
• Brown floral tape
• Primrose cuttter, OP
• Small Stamens
• Brushes for dusting
• Angle tweezers
• Small palate knife
• Small Spikes
• Cake turntable
• 1 square cake drum, covered in fondant


• Food Paste
• Baby Pink,Sf
• Bright white,SF
• Dark Brown
• Plum Petal dust,SF
• Baby Pink petal dust,SF
• Fairy Pink, CC
• Egg white
• Cooled boiled water
• Piping Gel
• Fondant, to cover cakes

Bake, fill, cover (with fondant),  and tier your cake a day ahead to dry.
Use an One Stroke method to paint the cherry blossoms with an angle shader.

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Hi I have a question I have to make 40 cakes decorating them frozen with butter cream icing can I start 4 days before the event and leave them out no filling or even 3 days before . Thank you


Rose 941, Are you decorating them with only buttercream, or crumb coating the buttercream and enrobing them with fondant? If you are decorating with buttercream only are planning to covering the cakes while frozen?


That is incredible. Beautiful. Some day I will have enough nerve to actual paint onto a cake. Thank you for sharing.