Angela Vasquez's Homemade Edible Glitter Tutorial

While preparing her OSSAS 2013 cake, Angela wanted to add sparkle while adhering to the rule of “no disco dust”.  She created a method for making her own sparkle dust, using the approved ingredients of luster dust and gumtex.  Keep reading for her simple, yet beautiful glitter dust method.


Tools and Materials:

2 tablespoons Gumtex
2 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon luster dust
Measuring spoons
Fine sieve
Silpat Mat
Icing spatula
Mixing cup


Mix all ingredients into a paste.


Spread paste evenly on a silpat mat and bake 5 minutes at 325 F, until entire surface is dry.


Removed dried mixture from silpat mat.


Press pieces through a sieve.


Apply dry dust to your project, using thinned royal icing to stick to your cake.



Comments (14)


Shanter - bitter much? Wow. Then why didn't YOU make a cool tutorial and share it with us? Who cares if it already existed, this was very nice of her to lay out the photos, etc. I am grateful for those who share their techniques. I live in Mexico and don't speak Spanish completely, so online tutorials are all I have.


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