Hand-Painted Vintage Rose Cookie Tutorial

This timelessly elegant hand-painted vintage rose cookie by LEMONTREECAKES would be the ideal treat at any tea party. Best of all, the super simple technique can be adapted to countless flower varieties and colors. Follow LEMONTREECAKES‘s step-by-step tutorial to learn to make them yourself!




#0 and #1 tip paint brushes
A royal iced cookie
Edible get paste colours in red, green and brown (I use Sugarflair colors)
Clear alcohol such as Vodka
Paint palate


Start by dipping the tip of the paintbrush in red paste color and immediately dip the tip in the vodka. Be sure to not take too much red color onto the brush at this stage.


Scribble three circles on the cookie close to each other. Let dry for a few seconds and then take some red paste color on the brush and draw two semi circles on the scribbled circles.


Continue to draw lines roughly forming the shape of a rose.


Once dry, add stems with the green paste color and start blending the green color all around the roses. Take a very little amount of brown paste color and blend that into the green.


Continue to scribble roses all around the cookie.

Once all the colors are blended in you will start to see the roses.


To add a bit of visual interest I blended a very tiny amount of blue into the background and blended it in with the green.

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