How to Make a Fondant Bow

Learn how to make this cute puffy fondant “Tiffany Box Style” Ribbon Bow for Cakes and Cupcakes in a few easy steps. Perfect for decorating your cakes and cupcakes, you can adjust the measurements to re-create it in any size.

Tools & Equipment:
Fondant rolling pin ( or a regular rolling pin)
Pizza cutter (or knife)
4″ cake board (or wax paper lined plate)
Cotton wool balls (or marshmallows)
Tylose (or CMC) – fondant hardening agent
Cornflour in a shaker
Fondant or gumpaste (sugarpaste)
Ziplock bag

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I’d love to see pics of your cakes and cake pops on ANY of the above — You all know how mine turn out — now show me YOUR creations!

Xx Elise

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