How to Make Peanut Butter & Chocolate Acorn Truffles

These decadent, fall-inspired acorn truffles are not only elegant and adorable, they’re also a snap to make! Ileana Saldivia (sugarrealm) of Sugar Realm Bakery in Cincinnati, OH, shared these with her readers on her blog, and as soon as we saw them we knew we had to share them with you, too!

Read on for the secret behind these delectable treats.



1″ round cookie cutter
Cocoa powder
Edible glue or water
Plastic wrap
Rolling pin


Form Truffle’s Body

MEASURE 14gr. of chocolate ganache (approximately 3/4″ ball).
ROLL ganache into a ball shape.
ROLL ganache balls over cocoa powder and shape into a long oval “acorn” shape.
FLATTEN bottom side of the oval by pressing down.

Texture Truffle’s Top

ROLL Peanut Butter & White Chocolate Modeling Chocolate 1/2″ thick.
LAYER plastic wrap over modeling chocolate.
CUT 1″ circles. Pressure between plastic wrap and cutter will round edges of circles.
TEXTURE circles by pressing cutter.


Assembling the Truffles

PLACE flat side of the textured circle over flat side of the acorn-shaped truffle.
SMOOTH sides of circle to connect to truffle body.
INDENT a hole in the middle of the circle with a toothpick.
ROLL a small log of Chocolate Rolled Fondant. This will create a stem.
BEND log into a coma shape and taper one side.
INDENT top of the wider side with toothpick.
BRUSH edible glue or water to the narrow side of the stem.
COAT body of assembled truffle with cocoa powder.
BRUSH any excess powder over top of truffle. This will create a beautiful gradient effect.

Hints for success: Modeling chocolate top may be substituted by small vanilla wafer, such as Nilla wafers. Melted chocolate or fresh peanut butter may be used to adhere truffle to wafer.



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