Chocolate Ganache Pie Pop Tutorial

Pie pops are all the rage across the baking blogosphere. These little snacks are an adorable addition to any dessert display, especially during the holidays. Kids and adults love them and best of all, they’re surprisingly easy to make! Just like cake pops, the flavor possibilities are endless. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make decadent chocolate ganache pops.



1 batch of your favorite pie crust, unbaked
3-inch circular cookie cutter
Mini cookie cutters in desired shapes (optional)
Chocolate ganache filling (for a recipe, click here!)
6-inch lollipop sticks
Egg wash
Flour for dusting
Pastry Brush
Rolling pin
Small paintbrush



Preheat oven to 375 °F.

Prepare pie dough according to recipe. Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour.

Dust work surface with flour and roll pie crust to ⅛ inch thick.

1 roll and cut dough

Using your 3-inch cookie cutter, cut desired number of circles out of dough. These circles will be used for the bottom of the pie pops only. The top layer will be cut later.

2 fill with melted choc

Place dough circles on baking sheet leaving a few inches between them to allow room for the sticks.

Add a small amount of ganache filling to each dough circle. Leave at least ¼ inch of dough around the edges.

Place a lollipop stick on each circle about ⅔ of the way in.

Cut out enough circles for the tops of the pie pops and remove excess dough scraps. Use a rolling pin to gently roll over the top circles making them slightly larger than the bottom circles. This will help create a more sturdy crimp.

If desired, use a mini cutter to cut shapes into the tops of your pops.

3 place stick. top wth dough. crimp with fork

Using a small paintbrush or your finger, gently wet the perimeter of each bottom circle with water.

Pinch the top and bottom pieces together, making sure the pop is well sealed.

To achieve a crimped look, gently press the tines of a fork around the edges of your pop.

For a fun twist, consider placing your mini dough cut-outs on the tops of a few of your pie pops. Secure them with a small amount of water or egg wash.

4. brush with egg wash

If desired, brush pop tops with egg wash.

Place pops in the oven and bake for 15 minutes or until golden.

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I get an error message when I click on the link for the ganache recipe. Says I do not have permission to view drafts. Anyone else get this message?


I tried these! We loved them! I used ganache on some and pineapple cake filling on some. I think I will make more. So cute and yummy!