How to Make and Use Modeling Chocolate

Modeling chocolate is changing the face of cake decorating one cake at a time, check out this tutorial from CakeSuppliesPlus to learn what all the buzz is about! for cake photos and supplies in video.
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Cake Decorating: How to Make & Use Modeling Chocolate

If you are interested in learning the techniques to work with modeling chocolate check out the Winbeckler’s class coming up in December 2013 in Philadelphia, PA.Modeling chocolate — this marvelous, magical medium can almost defy gravity. It holds detail more than just about any other decorating media and allows you to do all this with no drying time. Register today!

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Thank very much for your helping hints in modeling chocolate, definitive I will try to make it. you make it look very easy. God Bless you.


This is great. I have made a few unsuccessful attempts. I will try again following these instructions. Thank you!


I really want to use modeling chocolate instead of fondant. Mine becomes so soft after a couple minutes it won't hold it's shape. Any suggestions? Thanks Deb K.