How to Make Petit Fours

This tutorial from Custom Cakes will have you making perfect petit fours in a few simple steps. Wow your guests with these quaint confections that can be decorated to fit any occasion!


Making petit fours the Custom Cakes way.

Part 2 of our Making Petit Fours tutorial. Learn how to make our poured fondant.

Part 3 of our Making Petit Fours Tutorial. We show you how to dip the petit fours and, once dry, how to remove from the rack.

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One at a time? Oh no! I like my way better! LOL..Also, those little frozen cubes will defrost be prepared to loose a few when you dip.


ddaigle - How do you make yours? I have made them once and promised myself to do it again, but an easier way. Dipping lost me a lot of cake! However, her dipping recipe looks a lot better than the traditional method.


CakePrincess..I have a tutorial on CC...not as fancy as this tutorial..mine wasn't a video. Under the "tutorial tab"...I just do it differently...more of a "production style" technique. i think it's on page 4's the link:

Bijoudelanuit...PT4s...normally are not split & filled.


What kind of cake did you use for the P4s?

Can you give a link to the recipe?

Also, instead of sticking a skewer in the cake and dipping them, wouldn't it be easier just to put the cake on the fork and dip it (like dipping a chocolate)?



I do a lot of PT4s...and this method would not work for me..just too time consuming. It's good to see different kinds of ways to do these so people can see what works for them. I don't want to post my link on this one...but if you look in the "tutorial" tab you will find my method. I used my WASC recipe, but I recommend when practicing..just buy a Sara Lee pound cake.


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