How to Make Turkey Cake Balls

Sharon Zambito, owner of SugarEd Productions and longtime Cake Central member (CC user sugarshack), created this fun and festive tutorial that shows you exactly how to create darling turkey cake balls. Perfect for making with the kids who come over on Thanksgiving or as a lovely way to garnish table settings, these feathered friends are sure to impress guests!

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Cake balls
Candy googly eyes
Cookie cutters
Craft knife
Parchment paper
Piping bags
Piping tips


1. You will need Whopper candies and your dipped cake balls in the flavor of your choice.


2. Cut the fondant  “feathers” by  using 3 sizes of blossom cutters. See the brown ones? Ignore those. I decided later that I did not like the brown feathers so I  left them off.


3. If you like, hit the edges of them with some airbrush color to make them pop and give them dimension.


4. To make the little front wings,  cut two petals out of a blossom with a craft knife.

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5. Attach a whopper for his head, 3 blossoms for his fan of feathers, and his side wings with melted chocolate.


6. Attach candy googly eyes, and pipe his beak and that jiggly red thing with royal icing.


7.  To make the base he is standing on, pour some melted chocolate into a round cookie cutter that has some wax or parchment paper under it. Pop it into the freezer until fully firm and release it from the cutter.

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8. Use two more petals cut and carved out with a knife to make his feet.

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9. Attach the turkey and his feet with chocolate to the base.

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I simply adore these turkey cake balls. I can see them sitting on top of a bread plate at each place setting on the Thanksgiving dining table.  Your guests will simply go nuts over them, and you will get rave reviews for being such a clever confectionery creator.
I hope you try them out!
Happy turkey-ing,

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