How To Make a Camouflage Pattern Buttercream Cake

There seem to be a lot of posts asking how to do a camouflage print, so when I had to do camouflage on part of a cake today, I figured I’d take some photos along the way and pass on my method. It’s a great pattern to learn since it’s so versatile and can be used on a large variety of cakes, including those with a military or camping theme and of course the recently popular Duck Dynasty cakes!

Camo Cake Tutorial

Cake Decorating Supplies:



Step 1: Fill 4 piping bags with the colors you want your camouflage to be.


Step 2: Crumb coat the cake. If you are only adding camouflage to the sides of the cake, make sure to have the top of your cake frosted in buttercream smoothly up to the edges.


Step 3: Pipe the frosting into abstract shapes, taking care not to have the same color touching itself.


Step 4:  Ensure that the sides are completely covered with frosting.


Step 5: Using a high density foam roller, smooth the frosting by pressing gently as you roll along the sides.



 Step 6: Finish off the design with a simple buttercream shell border, or a fancy over-piped double reverse shell border.

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Is this a regular paint roller you used? If so, how does the frosting not get on the roller and get rolled over the other colors.?


Buttercream crusts over if you let it sit at room temp for a bit. Once it does this you can either use that roller, or put the smooth side of the Viva paper towel on top of the frosting, and gently rub the buttercream on top of the paper towel to smooth out the buttercream underneath. Kinda like you would fondant.


Thankyou for sharing that with us, I wanted to do a army cake a while back but didn't know where to begin. Now I know and will have a go. Your a star. X


that is amazing I have been wondering about this... I need to make a cake for 200 soldiers coming up and now I know what to do Thanks


I've done camo cakes before and it's not that hard. My question is, is that roller food save and if not how did you make it food save?


I've been searching for a year and a half and yet to find Viva with a 'flat' side.  Wish I could.  I prefer fondant because I cannot get my buttercream smooth - no matter how I try.


I did this same kind of cake about a year ago. You use a foam roller you can get at Home Depot, etc. Just make sure that's the only thing you use it for.