La Petite Parisienne Cake Tutorial

A petite Parisienne figure and hand-molded French macarons adorn this charming, lace-trimmed cake.  Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a cake that flirts with cosmopolitan appeal in true Parisian style.




Items Needed :

  • Ball tools, various sizes
  • Brush
  • Cake, 20 cm 8-10 cm high
  • Dough cutter, Eiffel Tower and hearts
  • Edible powders, white, black, lilac, beige, pink, red
  • Frilling tool for grain
  • Gumpaste, skin colored (150 g)
  • Lace pattern sugar heart
  • Pastry rings, 8 cm and 3-4 cm in diameter
  • Pin
  • Rolling pin
  • Scalpel
  • Set of tools for modeling sugar paste
  • Silicone mold bows
  • Sugarpaste, candy pink (600g), fuchsia (70 g), white (400 g), black (30 g), green (50 g), brown (40 g)
  • Skewer
  • Vodka
  • Wheel cutter



To make the head, create a ball as big as a walnut and use fingers to give shape to the face.


With a small ball tool, draw the mouth and carve lips.


Make your eyes with your favorite method, and with the edible dust, give color to the face: lilac for eyelids, pink cheeks, a touch of beige under the eyes. Paint the mouth with pink or red powder diluted with a little vodka. Do the same with eyelashes and eyebrows using a very thin brush.


Take 2 large balls each in blue, pink and green. Flatten to obtain the typical shape of a macaron; they should be about 4-5 cm in diameter.


Crush a ball of white sugarpaste in a thin disk of the same size of the “macarons”, and glue them between the two shells. With a pin, make the little holes of the typical “collerette” that macarons have at the base.


To make the bust, take a large cylinder of gumpaste, pinch the top and let it roll between your hands to get the neck and shoulders. Press under the chest to create the breast and finish thinning in the waist. Insert a skewer and rest vertically. Let dry a few hours.


To make shoes, make a black drop a bit, fold back the thinnest part (the heel) and crushed the thickest part (the front of the shoe).


Make the thigh with a long cylinder of skin colored gumpaste, tapering down from knee height. At the foot, make a cut on the bias, and then bend the leg at knee height. Create a second leg and shoe.


Glue the shoes on the legs, and place your legs slightly crossed on 3 macaroons stacked.


To make the skirt, cut two discs of  black sugarpaste about 8 cm in diameter. With the frilling tool, curl the outside of the disks slightly.

DSC_2266-n.11 Attach the skirt (two layers with the two disks) on the legs.
DSC_2272-n.12 Paste the bust on the legs and skirt, and push the skewer deeper into the figure. For the striped T-shirt, cut a large, thin rectangle of white sugarpaste, and glue it on the bust, leaving the neck exposed. Cut the excess dough.


With the scalpel, make a cut on the bias for neck T-shirt, leaving a piece of white sugar paste to create the open left sleeve. Create stripes by cutting thin lengths of black gumpaste with the wheel cutter. Glue them from the center out.


Once covered in stripes, leave an opening in the sleeve to fix the left arm, and then add the sleeve.


For your arms, make two long and thin cylinders that end up with a flat oval. In the corner of these, take a small triangle with a scalpel to derive the thumb. Mark your fingers with the front of the scalpel and crush with a small ball tool at the center of each finger to draw the nails. Then glue the arms on the bust, adding a small piece of toothpick at shoulder height to strengthen the arms.


Using a silicone mold, make a little pink bow, and glue it on the shoulder with his sleeve.


Insert and glue the doll’s head slightly tilted on the skewer. Shorten the neck if necessary.


For hair, prepare many strands by cutting thin strips of brown with a scalpel.


Begin to fix and secure the locks on the side where you want to give more volume to the hairstyle. Then glue the hair on the other side where you will set the hat. Give movement at the tip of the hair.


For the typical french beret, cut a disc of pink sugarpaste, a little ‘often, about 3-4 cm in diameter,. Paste it on the bias on the side of the hair flatter. Add a little bit pink in the middle.


With an Eiffel Tower cutter, cut out a black silhouette. Cut several hearts in fuchsia.


After covering the cake, prepare two strips of lace sugar with hearts with the appropriate mat Attach the lace around the cake.


Finish by placing the doll on the cake and gluing the pink hearts around the cake.


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Wow, this is awesome. Thanks a million!!! quick question: was the lace made with sugar-veil??? Also congratulations on your great success as a cake artist, you rock!!! and please tell me that the book is translated to English, if so where can I order it??


this is just beautiful!!!! im always scared of figurines...maybe ill test this one with ur clear instructions :) thank you!!!!


i love this cake may God bless you for sharing your idea with some other people.i think i will try it