Carousel Cake Tutorial

Check out this video tutorial by Cake Central user SeriousCakes to learn how to make the perfect tiered carousel cake in several easy-to-follow steps!

I feel like I still learn something new with each cake I make. Or learn a few things with some. I had a brilliant idea for some more scrolls around the middle where the horses were but I thought of it just as I was getting into bed. The thing to do would be to write down said idea on a handy notebook right next to the bed. But I have no notebook and so completely forgot about it. I don’t know about you guys but I have some of my best ideas just before I go to sleep. Tomorrow I plan on doing some decluttering, maybe I’ll remember to strategically place a notebook and pen.

I also discovered that I am not good at drawing horses. I figured that before I piped them I should at least attempt drawing them. While I have no trouble drawing people, animals tend to turn out looking like, hmmm, everything looks kind of like a dog. My oldest daughter has a book on horses so I got that out and did some sketches. It is hard to draw a horse in motion, after looking at my attempts hubby suggested going a cartoonish route. The toy horses actually helped the most though, for some reason things just clicked. They still look a little…dog-ish…but I’m happy with how they turned out.

I was pretty upset when I discovered that I didn’t win this year. Really because I didn’t even win at least 3rd place. But seriously, what kind of attitude is that? Some disappoint is ok, but anger? I had to do some praying to get over that one, enter with the hope of winning, but be a gracious loser. I kept reminding myself that I didn’t need to prove anything, that my losing didn’t prove anything-except that sour grapes just plain taste bad. God showed me to just let it go and then when I saw the winning cakes I felt even better. The entry is titled ‘Decorated Cakes’. These people made 3 tiered WEDDING cakes. In fondant. C’mon, I couldn’t have anticipated that one! I have the pictures posted on my site,, under the January 2010 heading. Lord willing, my cake next year will be a doozy!

I didn’t transport this cake completely stacked, just the bottom tiers with plenty of support and a dowel going through both cakes. It had to travel 2 hours away so I was pretty sure the top tier wouldn’t stay in place over the hills in our area. It didn’t look too bad when I got it out, just a few minor cracks but nothing serious.
It ook me 2 days of work, I want to say 8-10 hours total including baking, levelling, making the frosting, preparing the boards, cutting bags, etc. Probably about 4-5 hours decorating time.


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Thank you so much for the tutorial. I love doing things with humor and you showed how that can be done!


Wow, a lot of work went onto that cake, but well worth the time and effort. Kudos to you!

Thank you for the tutorial. :-)