Cupcake Royale Frosting Swirl Tutorial

Demonstration of how to frost a cupcake, from the opening day of Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Unfortunately, this frosting recipe is not available to share because it is Cupcake Royale’s proprietary recipe and the frosting was provided for the demonstration by the bakery.

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I kind of like it - it is different, and looks easier for the eater to not have to fight with a tall swirl of frosting piled high in the center!


I like it. Probably requires some practice though. The buttercream seems soft. I might give it a try.


It's the same as the Magnolia Bakery isn't it - I've been doing this for a while now, although it takes me forever to get it neat! People seem to prefer eating it as it's far less frosting. Personally I prefer the look of it to a big whirl of frosting (particularly if it's done with a plain nozzle, which I always think looks a bit suspect :) ) The savings from using less SMBC or ganache don't go unnoticed either :D


Good point, it is less frosting and easier to bite, when you are eating it you don't feel like you don't have enough frosting, Trust me I have eaten one or two of their cupcakes since I live within walking distance of their shop in WS.

It is a crusting BC, but it doesn't crust hard like some I have seen, it's lightly crusted if that makes sense?

I personally have not attempted this technique as I am a fan of the enormous 1m swirl and my family would prefer the frosting without the cupcake!