Corn On The Cob Cake


Since I received many questions about how I made my Corn on the Cob cake, I decided to do a picture tutorial. I will start off by saying, I used a cream cheese icing in these pictures but I recommend using a medium consistency Buttercream. You want it to be a little on the stiff side. Well…. hope this helps.

List of Materials

  • Yellow Buttercream, #3 icing tip, icing bag, Green fondant for the leaves and a scoring tool.


Of course, there’s more than one way to skin a cat but I start off with a round cake. Take a knife and cut off the two ends. Then turn cake around and cut off the other two ends. You should have four end corners of the round cake. (you don’t necessarily need the square cake you’re left with for this project)


You’ll need yellow buttercream. Crumb coat the four pieces with the yellow buttercream. Then fill bag using a number 3 icing tip.
Note: If you add a little piping gel to your buttercream, your kernels will come out looking like it has butter on it.


Draw a straight line down the center of the cake. You will use this line to help pipe your kernels.


Then you’ll want to go up, across and then down that center line. Like an upside down U shape or an open staple. If your icing is soft, it’ll be more circular, like in the picture. You’ll want to pipe the very next kernel right up against the previous, leaving no spaces in between.

Then pipe a second line on the side of the first leaving a little space. This takes practice.


Keep repeating this step until the entire line is filled from one end to the other end of kernels


Comments (12)


Really cute, but I'm not sure about the size. Do you make on ear of corn with each cake piece (round corner), or are they all lined up in some way to make one big ear of corn?


I was thinking the same thing...maybe you could use a jelly pan instead and roll it up into that shape so that it is a longer bigger 'piece' of corn?


maybe a trimmed loaf pan would work even better since it already has the rounded top. I think I will make a version of this for our block party coming up at the end of June.