Oven Mini Cake Tutorial

How-to Easy Bake Oven CAKE

This week we are Mixing-It-Up in the kitchen with a retro inspired cake in the shape of an easybake oven. It’s the perfect cake to make for a birthday, house warming or just a fun idea!

LOOK DOWN BELOW for all the materials you’ll need.


Cake- 4 x 4″ squares (cut from a sheet pan)

4-inch cardboard
Small serrated knife
*1 pound of Lt. Blue Fondant (I mixed Teal and Wedding white)
White fondant or gum paste
*Pre-dyed fondant: black, brown, (or dye with gels)
Brown gel
Rolling pin
Small ruler
Fondant smoothers
Vegetable shortening
Paring Knife
Gum glue or egg whites
Pastry Tips #: 5, 12, 804, 806, 808, Wilton 2C
Silver luster dust
Lemon extract

*(Fondarific brand is suggested- http://fondarific.com)

1) Cut out cardboard
2) Cut out three 4 x 4-inch squares of cake
3) Fill with buttercream
4) Freeze cake
5) Trim cake to be a perfect square
6) Coat in buttercream and refrigerate
7) Roll-out (1 pound) Lt. Blue fondant and cover cake

8) Roll-out a square piece for the oven door- cut a square for the window, attach a black square of gum paste behind the window of the oven and attach.
9) Once attached emboss a line on top for “wooden” strip for knobs and make a line for “broiler drawer”
10) Make top of oven with left over Lt. Blue, make a rectangle detail with the back of a scalpel and vents on top of oven.
11) Cut-out all Silver details- door handle, knobs and clock
Use tip #804 for four small knobs, #806 for 2 large knobs and oven handle is 2.5-inches long
12) Cut-out all Black details-
Use tip #: #12 for four small knobs, #804 for two large knobs, Back of pastry tip #804 for four stove tops, clock, door handle strip, tip #5 for four extra buttons
13) Cut out white square for stove-top
14) Paint “wood” strip for front of oven
15) Assemble and make indents on “burners” with back of pastry tips

More info:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/elisastrauss

Craftsy: http://www.craftsy.com/instructors/elisa-strauss

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Elisa, You are such a talented woman. I consider myself one of your biggest fans. This tutorial is easy to follow, and I believe that anyone with a bit of a sense about baking can accomplish it. It is so adorable. Loved it!! By the way, I did not have an easy oven either! ( Loved your transparency here.) Best luck, and a thousand blessings to you, your family, and your nice staff at your shop.


Hi Elisa, I loved this video... I´ll to try to make mine! Why do you use two pieces of cake in the middle layer instead of one like the other two. Best wishes all the way from Mexico City =)