How To Make a Chic Easter Egg


This delicate egg cake is easier to decorate than you think. You can make this Faberge inspired egg with a few tools and some creativity, learn how.

This tutorial will show you step by step how to make my simple, chic, Fabergé-style Easter egg.

List of Materials


I started out with this mold by Silli Creations.


Make a thick piece of fondant as big as the mold. Make two prints out of the mold, and also make two pieces of fondant for the filling of the pillow.


Put one filling piece on the flat square.


Put one print on top of it.


Flip it over.


D o the same on the other side. Put your filling on top of the square.


Put your mold on top of it again. Don’t worry if the sides are not even on all sides because…


We’re going to play with a crimper over here.


Simply go along all sides, and crimp them together. Be careful not to break them off the little pillow.


I prepared a drum with my own wrinkle mold, and put a black ribbon on the sides. Put a little icing in the middle on the cake drum. Place the little pillow on top of it and stick a little cocktail stick in it for a bit more stability. Paint it with silver.


Use a Styrofoam egg if you want it to last forever, or carve a cake into an egg shape.  This time I used a styro because it is a window piece for a Dutch cake shop.


You can also decorate a rice cereal egg. Make your own by molding rice cereal treats in a greased plastic Easter egg.


Cover it with fondant which looks very hard to do, but in reality, it is not so scary. Gently but precisely begin as if it was just a little globe shape cake. Underneath, carve the remains of the fondant away, and smooth it as much as possible with a piece of fondant and your hands. Your hand will melt most wrinkles away. As you can see my egg has little wrinkles, but who’s perfect? Don’t worry if you have some wrinkles, too. We are going to decorate it.


Now place the egg over the little cocktail stick, and to be totally secure, stick a longer satay stick through the whole piece and cut the remains off.


Next I took the FMM Master Mold Lace, created the border on the bottom of the egg and painted it as well.


At that point I created a little rose ornament border with another mold.


Then I took my own designed double flower mold and stuck two of them on top of the egg. Paint it as you are working because you can reach every part of it at this time.


I created 3 little flowers with the large blossom plunger cutter and a veiner. Paint them as well. Stick them on top with a little icing.


The next step is playing with a little flower wire. I made 3 bows in a few different lengths. After that, I created a garland with 3 pieces of again my double flower mold, and placed them in a flowing pattern. Fill in any gaps with a smaller blossom plunger. Paint it all at once. Last but not least, as you can see on the completed egg, I put in 3 strings of white floral wire.

I hope you like this tutorial. I’m just a hobby baker, but I gave it my best shot. I like the result and loved creating this chic Easter egg.


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Absolutely beautiful!! Ever since I first saw one of your cakes on here, you have been one of my favorite designers!! I can almost always tell when I see one of your cakes before I even click on the photo. I have many of them saved as my favorites. Keep up the good work. You are getting better and better every time you bake. I am both impressed and inspired by your work. Thank you for sharing. And, please do more tutorials!!

Respectfully, Foxicakes (Desiree Fox)


Are you just using silver luster dust to paint the color on the black fondant and are you using it dry or in some vodka??


This was an amazing job and the tutorial was perfect, very instructional. I love ALL of your cakes. As another lady said, I can regonize your cakes from a mile away. Lol


this is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for the tutorial, you explain all the steps perfectly. Love your work :)


I love this egg ! It is beautiful ! I will add  it to my list on things to try!

                                                                       God Bless your Gift




WOW!!! That was easy!! It looks harder than it is to make!!!! Thank you so much for this tutorial!! When I first saw it I was like "Wow how did they do that??!!"  Lovely gifts!!