Mr and Mrs Potato Head for Easter from a Chocolate Egg for Easter

This is to show you how to make a Mr or Mrs Potato Head figure from a chocolate egg (i used a cadbury’s creme egg) which is the same size as an egg. This is perfect for doing over the school holidays with the children, as it is fun, quick and easy to do.

List of Materials

  • Chocolate egg (mine was the size of a chicken egg)
  • Fondant or Marzipan
  • Melted chocolate or candy coating
  • Paste colours

Make 2 tear drop shapes for shoes, in colour of your choice. Make sure that they are the right scale, and then spread a small amount of candy on the shoes and stick the egg ontop UPSIDE down. The pointy bit of the egg should be facing down.

Roll a small ball of red or pink fondant or marzipan for the mouth. Make the two ends ‘tear’ shaped to form a mouth shape.
Using a small amount of melted chocolate or candy, stick the mouth on in the position shown. Use a toothpick or knife to score the mouth.

Now the hands. Roll 2 balls, and make them into tear drops. Flatten the fatter side to make them like tennis bats. Cut a nick out of the flat bat bit to form the gap between the fingers and thumb.

Score fingers onto the hand with a knife and make another hand the mirror image of the first. Stick one of the hands on with the chocolate or candy glue so it is out of the way.

Handbag – as Mr Potato Head doesn’t have one of these, this is optional.
Roll a ball and flatten into an oval. Roll a snake 2 – 3 inches long for the handle. Use the candy to stick together if using fondant. Marzipan sticks to itself.
Push the other hand / arm through the handle and stick to her body.

Make some eyes for her – rather obvious (I added her eyes earlier, but it doesn’t matter). Again use the chocolate or candy to stick them on. Make pupils with either some coloured paste or use a dot of food colour on a toothpick.

Roll a triangle for her or his nose, and glue on as before.
Roll 2 oval balls for her ears and use a paintbrush handle or ball or bone tool to indent diagonally to make ears with lobes. Glue on as before


Make her some earrings. I used 2 tear drop shapes, you could make rings or studs. Marzipan sticks to itself, but if using fondant, stick with either water or the chocolate candy glue.


Make a dome for her hat. Put on her head to shape it.


Add a turned up front for her hat and then put a lovely flower on it for detail to make her pretty.

Leave him or her to set and eat!!

Here is Mr Potato Head. Not very accurate, but thats life!

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