How to Create Chocolate Ribbons Video


In this “how to” guide, you will learn how to create chocolate ribbons. These ribbons can be used to cover the sides or top of your cake, or can be used in any number of culinary creations.

These are not the thick malleable chocolate ribbons made with sugar syrup but thin ribbons of chocolate, which can be used to encase the sides of a cake, cheesecake, cupcake, or ice cream ball. Here is an idea.. Why not make your own designer chocolate ribbon cupcake holders?

Items you will need for this tutorial:

  • Melted Dark & White Chocolate
  • Small spatula, Trow, or Spackling Knife (from the hardware store)
  • Your favorite Designer Stencil
  • Parchment Paper


Feathered Scroll Side Stencil by Fleur De Lis Side Stencil by Designer

By: Designer Stencils .

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