How to Make a Cowboy Hat Cake


Here are my step-by-step instructions for making a cowboy hat cake. This particular cake was made for a coworker for her 50th birthday


  • Brim template
  • Butter Cream
  • Cowboy hat
  • Fondant
  • Gumpaste Decorations, optional
  • Knife
  • Oval cake
  • Rolling pin

IMG_0149 IMG_0150

First, you need to make the brim of your hat as this will take a few days to dry. You can use either fondant or a fondant and gumpaste mixture to make the brim.

I used a real hat brim to make a template. I drew around the brim onto a large gift bag, but a shirt box or poster board would work well, also.


Roll out your fondant, and cut out the brim shape using your template.



Place something under the sides of the fondant while on the template or other sturdy item to create a curl it dries.

Use a sewing wheel to make around the edge of the brim to make seams, if you want.


Now comes the cake. You can use whichever size or shaped pans give you the type of hat you’re after. I used the Wilton small oval pans, and I used 3 layers of cake.


Trim and shape your cakes to look like your hat by creating a slope from front to back and a well down the middle of the top.


Cover in buttercream.


Cover your hat with fondant


With the fondant brim on the cake board, place your fondant covered cake on top.


Now you can decorate your hat!

To make the hat a birthday cake, I also made a gumpaste belt buckle with the birthday girl’s age on it to fit the theme.

Now you can enjoy the party! Happy Trails!


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Sorry - i'm just now seeing these questions!

I used the small ovals that came with the Wilton set - the hat is the size of a real cowboy hat.

The rim takes several days to dry.

The accents were made using a mold.

Thanks and enjoy!



Would you mind telling me if you have any tips to be sure it doesn't crack? 

I am making one in a few weeks and im very nervous about elephant skinning and cracking. Its for my sisters 21st birthday and you can imagine i want it to look perfect



it looks like u did 2 different ways to do the brim.. one you placed it over another hat with sara n wrap and the other way u just found a way to hold up the sides. so if i place it over another hat to get the brim shape how do u keep that bump in the middle from being there. would i like put a piece of something over the hole  of the hat ??