How To Make Royal Icing Hyacinth flowers

Reprinted with Permission from Wilton Industries Copyright © 2003-2004 Wilton Industries – All rights reserved




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First Make Blossoms as shown step-by-step above.
Use the smallest 2-peice lily nail and line with foil.

Then, with leaf tip 65, pull out 6 tiny pointed petals.

Repeat for many, many blossoms. Dry and reserve whiel you go on to next step.


Now make Calyx of same color on a length of light-weight white wire.

Make one for each blossom and when dry, attach with a dab of icing to back to produce a small flower with a long fluted shape. Dry and prepare to assemble

Assemble flower:

Position one blossom at top of a length of heavy weight green florist’s wire pushed into a styrofoam block. Use green florist’s tape to bind it in a position as shown. Then tape another blossom, letting step extend about 1/4-inch from main stem. Continue to tape on blossoms in this manner, foing areound and around, and allowing some air between blossoms to give the natural "see-through" appearance of the flower, until a long oval shape is acheived. (Wind in top and bottom blossoms closer to stem to taper flower) Wind tail of tape around main stem to bottom to finish off. %GOOGLE%



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You need to give better instructions for the "as shown step by step above"...very confusing...I'm still a newbie here, so I need more info, lol. Thanks...