Decorating Sand

Looking for realistic sand for decorating that won't overpower the flavor of your cake? CakeCentral user tc4cake shares this recipe for sand that looks and tastes great.

I ran across this little concoction this weekend and this sand turned out great and so realistic! The best part is that the taste is so mild it doesn’t affect the flavor of your cake. Enjoy!

Decorating Sand


  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Gold Sanding Sugar
  • Wilton Chocolate Cupcake Sprinkle Crunch


  1. Food process the vanilla wafers until they are almost a sand-like texture. 
  2. Add the chocolate crunch sprinkles and food process a little bit more. 
  3. Pour into a bowl and add the gold sanding sugar by hand. 

 You’re all finished! I don’t list quantities of each because you can add what you want to make your sand look a little more sandy/pebbly or less.

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Could you please tell me exactly what Gold Sanding Sugar is and where I can get it? ALso, do you know if Wilton's Pearl Dust is the same thing as Petal Dust that I have seen listed on CC for using on the gumpaste New Born Babies, etc?