Modelling Past

Modelling paste is firm enough to roll out very thinly,druickly and keeps its shape.It is ideal for modelling delicate flowers.

Modelling Past


  • 1rounded tsp.galatine
  • 1rounded tsp.white fat
  • 2rounded tsp.of Royal Icing
  • 5tsp.cold water
  • +-225g.icing Shugar


  1. Place the gelatine,fat and water in asmall saucepan.heat gently until the fat and gelatinehas dissolved and the liquidis clear.Aftea put Royal Icing and mix.Gradually stir in the icing shugar until the mixture forms a firm ball.Turn out and knead in the remaining icing suga-you may need a little more-until the paste is firm but pliable.Always keep the paste covered in a polythene bag or cling film to prevent drying


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