Atomic Cake

This was my grandmother’s recipe, hence the cake mixes, sure you could substitue any scratch recipe if you wanted. Hope this helps, it’s a bit long.
Directions are simplistic, I know, but I just copied them directly.
Makes a 10″ Cake

Atomic Cake


  • Ingredients:
  • 1 Box of Chocolate Cake Mix
  • 1 Box of Banana Cake Mix
  • 1 Box of Yellow or White Cake Mix
  • 1 Can of Chocolate Icing
  • 1 Can of Vanilla Pudding
  • 3 Banans
  • 1 Jar of Straberry Glaze
  • 1 Pint of Fresh Strawberries
  • 2 Large 12oz Bowls of Cool Whip


  1. Bake a chocolate, banana, white or yellow cake as directed on box. Cool on racks, place in refridgerator unitl completely cool. Remove from refridgerator and split the cakes in two. You will h ave 6 layers of cakes. Use only one of each kind. Place on e of the white or yellow cakes on the bottom. Use an icing bag with large tip, fill with cool whip. Make a well around the edge of the cake then clean the strawberries and mix with the strawberry glaze. Fill the center of the cake so that the top is completely covered. Place a layer of banana cake on top of the strawberries. Make a well around the cake again. Clean bananas and cut up into 1/2 can of vanilla pudding, fill in the well of cake. Place the chocolate layer on top of bananas. Take the can of chocolate icing and put a thin layer on top of chocolate cake. Use cool whip to frost entire cake. Place in refridgerator to keep.

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I have made this cake many times, I use strawberry cake instead of white and make my fillings always a huge hit. The children in one family says, " The cake is better than Christmas "