Dark Black Icing

Dark Black Icing


  • 1 container of dark chocolate icing – any brand
  • 1 bottle black food coloring
  • BLACK spoon (coloring will dye spoon so black is best)
  • mixer with large bowl


  1. - Scrape icing from container in to large mixing bowl
  2. - Add 8 tablespoons of food coloring to icing in bowl
  3. - With spoon, stir coloring in to icing to coat
  4. - Once coated to where there is no liquid in bottom of bowl use mixer to mix the coloring and icing completely together
  5. - If liquid is still noticable the mixer will splatter it causing a mess!
  6. - The more coloring added, the darker the icing!
  7. - Wahlah BLACK icing, and frosts one cake


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