The OOOOH Henry was created by my husband and I. It’s super super easy and ooooh soo good.



  • 1- 10 inch chocolate cake (use your favorite recipe)
  • 1- 10 inch vanilla cake ( use your favorite recipe )
  • 4 Oh Henry bars
  • 4- 5 cups of butter cream icing
  • 2 cups smooth peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup milk chocolate ( melted)
  • 1/2 cup caramel sauce
  • Skor Bits, or peanut pieces, or chopped Oh Henry


  1. Cut each cake in half so that you have 2 layers of chocolate cake and 2 layers of vanilla cake. Set a side.
  2. In a large mixing bowl beat together your butter cream and peanut butter until it’s all nice, smooth and fluffy.
  3. While your butter cream is mixing, chop all 4 Oh Henry bars into nice fine pieces, and set a side. ( don’t eat them, have will power)
  4. Now the fun starts. Take one layer of chocolate cake spread some of your peanut buttercream on it, drizzle some melted chocolate and some caramel on top, and add 1/4 of your Oh henry pieces. Add a layer of vanilla cake and follow the same steps. Continue until you have used all 4 layers of cake. Then coat the whole cake with the rest of the peanut buttercream, top your cake with either Skor bits or peanut pieces or oh henry bits or even just some melted chocolate, it’s all up to you. Anybody that I have ever made this cake for has never been unhappy. Hope you enjoy it as much as my family and my friends have. Please feel free to email me and let me know how it turned out, what you thought of it.


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