Nothing better

Pulled so many actually, I would like to say that I think crit feature pretty healthy. Crit is the reasons for expertise choices for many profession, not challenging to achieve more than 50%, but not able to achieve 100%. So that you know. The contradictions is between strike rate and boost accidents. My imagine:

1, All the devices can have strike rate and boost accidents residence randomly; redesigned under abilities induce the strike rate and boost accidents can induce certain results (such as excellent strike rate power restoration, high-explosive damage improved easily hurt) damage and success capability of aspect creates heaps of these two features are almost combined effect; And exclusive value of devices also need to modify, so that these two features perform a key aspect like crit.

2, Also one of my most essential point is that the strike rate and blast harmed two qualities can not be existing in the non-legendary devices simultaneously. So let those players, who choose excellent strike ,feel very awesome on fluency and abilities trigger; Since excellent strike rate need more operations, then the gamer, who choose the excellent damage, just wanna easy assault.