Simple Pineapple Filling

I tried this on a pina colada cake awhile back because I couldn\'t find a cream cheese pineapple recipe, so I threw a couple simple ingredients together and voila! No cooking required. Everyone loved it (or at least they said they did lol) so I used it on another pina colada cake and still got raves. Real quick n simple.


  • 8oz brick of cream cheese
    8oz of crushed pineapple w/ juice (I use Dole in 100% pineapple juice)
    3 to 5 cups of powdered sugar, depending on the taste and consistency you like so taste as you go.


  1. 1. Soften the cream cheese and throw it in the mixer on low speed 2. Add the pineapple to the cream cheese, continue mixing on low speed 3. Add powdered sugar a cup at a time until you get the taste and consistency you want, scrape the mixing bowl as you go so everything is incorporated. Feel free to up the speed on the mixer for a minute or two to get everything well meshed.

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