5 Best Cranberry Cake Recipes


The bright, mouth-puckering taste of cranberries is a must-have in the winter months. This holiday season, don’t just save these tart treats for dressing your Turkey. Here are 5 of our favorite cranberry cake recipes for you to work into your holiday dessert menu.

1. Classic Cranberry Cake

This moist and full-bodied mix cake can be layered if you choose, and will quickly become a staple at your holiday gatherings. Applesauce adds moisture, while the cake’s creamy, colorful frosting brings the cranberry flavor to the outside.

2. Zesty Orange Cranberry Cake

Orange and cranberry are a classic, zesty pairing, and this cake makes the most of it. Topped with icing or a delicious orange glaze, this quick and easy crowd-pleaser can be prepared in a pinch.

3. Sourdough Chocolate Cranberry Cake

This recipe adds a little tang by pairing sweet berries with chocolate and kicking it all off with a sourdough starter. Stack in layers and fill with leftover cranberry sauce for an impressive look during the holidays!

4. Olive Oil Cranberry Bundt Cake

For a light and moist alternative to heavier holiday dessert fare, try this delicious bunt cake. Olive oil and egg whites create a fluffy texture, and cinnamon and cloves add festive spice.

5. Cranberry Swirl Coffeecake

This cake has all the simple comforts of a classic coffeecake with a jazzed-up, layered twist and a delectable glaze. Delicate almond slivers add a sweet crunch that balances the tart fruit beautifully.


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