5 Best Cakes With Nuts


We’re going nuts for cakes with nuts! A wonderful, earthy addition to any cake recipe, pecans, walnuts, pistachios and almonds are particularly appropriate during the holidays. Nuts are the highlight in these recipes, whether they come in the form of vibrant extracts or crunchy toppings. Give one of these recipes a try and go nuts along with us!

1. Maple Nut Cake

Don’t save the earthy sweetness of maple for your morning pancakes! This cake gives you all the comfort of a fluffy stack of flapjacks in the form of one delicious (and simple!) cake. What’s not to love?

2. Cherry Walnut Cake

This scratch cake uses cherry pie filling as a quick and easy flavor booster, and pairs it with the decadent crunch of walnuts. Best of all, there’s no mixer required in this two-step recipe!

3. Banana Pecan Coconut Cake

While nuts may be a classic autumn ingredient, coconut and bananas give this this exotic treat a bit of summertime pizzaz. Top it with mashed banana coconut frosting and you’ve got a winner any day of the year.

4. Pistachio Bundt Cake

Box mix acts as a base for this elegant twist on bundt cake, infusing classic yellow cake with the unmistakable flavor of pistachio pudding. Moist, whipped pistachio topping adds the perfect amount of sweetness and ties the dessert together.

5. The Infamous White Almond Sour-cream Cake (WASC)

Highly reputed as the staple recipe of many Cake Central members, this cake boasts the convenience of a box mix, the flavor of a scratch cake, and the versatility to be made in nearly any flavor!

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