Raspberry Truffle Cake

Raspberry Truffle Cake


  • Raspberry Truffle Cake
  • Step one:

  • Make Raspberry filling using
  • frozen berries, cornstarch and
  • sugar (boil, thicken, cool). I used 1 1/4c.
  • Step Two:

  • 1 Chocolate cake mix
  • Add an extra egg
  • Add one envelope dream whip
  • Bake in two 8″rounds. Freeze and torte
  • (just before frosting)
  • Step Three:

  • Make chocolate frosting using
  • chocolate, butter, 10x sugar and milk
  • Step Four:

  • Make ALL BUTTER buttercream.
  • I used approx. 2c. Mix with cooked
  • & cooled raspberry mixture.
  • Step Five:

  • Toast 1c chopped pecans.
  • Step Six:

  • Assemble torted layers per layer of chocolate frosting first,
  • gently spread on raspberry mixture, then sprinkle with nuts.
  • Alternate until finished. Completely frost top and sides with
  • chocolate frosting. Decorate, serve!


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